IV International Interuniversity Olympiad

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IV International Interuniversity Olympiad


for participants of the IV International Interuniversity Olympiad among students and undergraduates of higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan and CIS countries,

dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Region,

held in online and offline formats at the M.Ryskulbekov Kyrgyz Scientific Research University of Economics

The Olympiad is held in 2 rounds:

1st. round – Computer testing - assessment of knowledge in basic and core disciplines of the curriculum of educational programs;

2d. round – Performing practical tasks offline - evaluating the skills of applying theoretical knowledge in solving practical problems.

Step-by-step instructions for passing the test:

1) Authorization in the Google forms system.

To log in to the user part of the system, click on the link  and fill in the appropriate fields.

Round 1. Computer testing is an assessment of knowledge in the basic and core disciplines of the curriculum of educational programs.

Participants must demonstrate the theoretical knowledge acquired while studying the basic and core disciplines of the curriculum of the OP. Testing is carried out in 2-3 disciplines. The number of test tasks in each discipline is 25-50. The time required to complete one test task is 1.5 minutes. The test is estimated at 100 points (the distribution of points is made depending on the specifics of the discipline).

Round 2. Assessment of the skills of applying theoretical knowledge in solving practical problems. A form of assessment of the skills of applying knowledge in solving practical problems in educational programs in online and offline mode.

The secretary of the commission, in accordance with the number of participating students, organizes conferences on the ZOOM platform lasting 30-60 minutes.

The Secretary of the commission draws up a schedule of videoconferences (online) and submits it to the Chairman/Deputy Chairman of the Competition Commission for approval. The approved schedule is brought to the attention of the participants of the Olympiad by April 15, 2024.

Schedule of the international interuniversity Olympiad among higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan and CIS countries



Name of the events




Registration of participants (online)

1.04.2024 - 13.04.2024



Data processing

15.04.2024 - 20.04.2024



The first round (online)

22.04.2024 - 26.04.2024



Second round (offline)

27.04.2024 – 4.05.2024



Summing up (offline)

6.05.2024 – 10.05.2024



Awarding of graduates

according to the schedule


The members of the commission prepare 10 questions in advance aimed at identifying the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the participants on a specific topic and assessment criteria. The questions are the same for all participants.

Participants and members of the commission enter the conference (online) according to the approved schedule. Before the start of the conferences, the secretary transmits the assessment sheets online to the members of the commission. The assessment sheet contains 10 questions, assessment criteria, and a list of Olympiad participants by university. Each complete correct answer is estimated at 10 points, as a result, the maximum score is 100 (points are distributed depending on the specifics of the discipline).

 The transition to the next question is carried out after receiving the answer to the previous question. The participant has the right to skip questions that he cannot answer.  The solution of the problem is sent by WhatsApp to the secretary of the commission.

After the end of the videoconference, the members of the commission summarize the results.

Contact details of the secretary: Suyunbekova Zhannat Suyunbekovna,

tel. + 996 507 15 10 97

According to the results of the Olympiad, an electronic certificate is issued to each participant.

List of disciplines:

  1. Business Informatics;
  2. Civil law.
  3. Computer science;
  4. English language;
  5. Economical geography
  6. Economic security;
  7. Economic theory;
  8. Finance;
  9. Food quality and safety in modern conditions;
  10. IFRS;
  11. Kyrgyz language and literature;
  12. Management;
  13. Marketing;
  14. Mathematics;
  15. Money, credit and banks;
  16. Philosophy;
  17. Russian language;
  18. Strategic management
  19. Sustainable tourism development
  20. The global economy;

Note! Students of 1-2 courses of non-philological universities take part in the disciplines "Kyrgyz language and literature", "Russian language", "English language", students of 1-2 courses of all directions participate in the discipline "Mathematics".